Online Marketing Pains: Restaurant Edition

If I were running a restaurant (or several) there's one thing that I know for sure would be true.  The following words would immediately annoy me: Facebook - Mobile Strategy – Social Media They may even bring rise to the subconscious feeling of concern that I’ve been fighting back for some time now. (I’m sorry [...]

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New Google Search Algorithm Will Change Your Mobile-Friendly Rating

  Surfing the web on a mobile device can be an ugly experience. While interstitial ads on a desktop browser are just annoying, interstitial ads on mobile device have the ability to close your browser and open an app install page in your phone or tablet’s app store. Instead of the displaying content normally, interstitial ads [...]

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Get Your WordPress Site Mobile Friendly for Google

Last fall Google started hinting that they would change their algorithm so that mobile friendly sites would rank better.  We realized that we had some older sites with outdated themes, so we took on the task of upgrading our sites.  We made sure to use updated, responsive themes on our sites and finally got around to [...]

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Thoughts on the Recent Google Penguin 3.0 Update

Google has updated the Penguin algorithm recently.  The update started on October 17th and according to Google's John Mueller the update is still slowly rolling out and has been for weeks.  Many search engine specialists wonder if they are testing,  refreshing data or simply delaying the real update.  Unfortunately, Google really isn't transparent about updates. [...]

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Recovery From Google Penguin

Google constantly changes the way sites rank. However, in the past few years, Google implemented a new kind of algorithm known as Penguin. This algorithm analyzes a sites links and finds links that they consider to be poor quality. If you have too many of these links your site gets penalized and you therefore lose [...]

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The Right Type of SEO is Even More Important Today

A lot of people that work in SEO find it offensive when people say SEO doesn't work anymore.  This is a topic that comes up almost weekly in the SEO circles.  The problem exists because so many different types of search optimization services get lumped into the SEO acronym. So when someone asks if SEO [...]

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Only One Way to Approach Link Building

It's funny how things come full circle. After getting some online training and learning how to build web sites in the late 1990's, we built our first web site. We were niche resume writers and IT Recruiters. Our site got traffic and we sold enough services that Dave and I both made a nice income. [...]

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What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a series of major search engine updates that focus on site page content. Panda was actually the name given to the project by Google based on on the nickname of one of their engineers that developed the algorithm. The overall goal of Panda was to reduce the high volumes of web spam [...]

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How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?

Updated 4-20-2016 Each search engine has developed a formula for ranking web sites.   Every search engine uses a different formula, which is why the results will be different between Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. These formulas, known as algorithms, are constantly changing as the search engines strive to achieve improved results. Anyone [...]

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