Social Media Marketing Not Working? Try these Brilliant Tips!

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have become a crucial part of any business. That also means that there is a ton of competition for eyeballs. How can you set yourself apart? Check out these tips to up your Social Media marketing game.

Bypass the landing page

The time between clicking on an ad and scrolling through a landing page is dangerous. Make use of Facebook’s “call now” feature to get potential customers directly to your company without any extra steps. It only works on Facebook Mobile, but it’s worth it because these days people are far more likely to use Facebook on their phones than on a computer.

facebook call now

Here’s an example of the Facebook Call Now Button courtesy Social Media Today.  You can read more about this feature at Facebook Adds Call Now Click Call Feature in Newsfeed Ads

Be visually cohesive 

“Call now” isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just need people to click, in which case the goal is to minimize room for attention and interest to stray. The best way to do this is to make sure your landing page visually matches your advertisement. By the time a potential customer clicks on an ad, they have already established some expectation about what they will be seeing next. The next image they see should be similar to the one they clicked on, or they will feel duped and lose interest.

Use hashtags to build community 

Say what you will about hashtags, but they are a great way to build community across all social media platforms. Come up with a hashtag that represents the message of your brand, and create incentives for people to use it. Look at Nike’s 2014 #chooseyourwinter and #runfree hashtag. Nike customers jumped on the opportunity to share their experiences throughout social media with little effort on the company’s part.

Harness the power of Life Events

Use Facebook’s Life Events to target the right people. If you’re advertising for wedding venues, for example, you can target Facebook user’s who ad a Life Event announcing his or her engagement. You can even decide when your ad shows up in relation to when the Life Event is posted.

facebook ads life event

Life Events can be found selecting Demographics in Facebook Ad Manager when setting up a Facebook Ad Set.

Monitor ad performance closely

Social Media posts get old fast, especially on Twitter. Each time a Twitter promotion is used, it becomes slightly less effective. Make sure you have multiple variations set up for your next Twitter ad campaign in order to maintain high engagement rates.

Create social media ad campaigns based on business objectives

If your goal is to increase the conversation on your website, your ad campaign will look a little different than if your goal is to raise event attendance. Surprisingly, people don’t always think about this. Designing a campaign with a goal in mind creates a structure and a through line that will really help you out.

Narrow the focus to increase engagement

Again, this has to do with creating a sense of community. It’s better to spend time, money, and energy creating ads that target a specific kind of person, and then making sure your ads reach that group, than it is to create a more general advertisement and expose it to a million people. A smaller audience does me a higher engagement rate.

narrow target focus


This is a key point and something we spend a lot of time perfecting.   People need some convincing before they spend money on your product or service. It’s the reason why companies have been paying big money for commercials since the dawn of television. The same thing applies to online marketing.

Many times, a potential customer will click on an ad, browse the page, and then close it because he or she is not ready to commit. You are far more likely to get a sale if your potential customer comes across your product again. Use remarketing so that the same item or service appears on their Facebook page.   You can also create content and then remarket people that visit your page.

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