social media vs. email
Marketing Showdown: Social Media vs. Email Marketing
It’s tempting to rely heavily on social media for all of your creative marketing since its direct, simple, and everyone else seems to be doing it. Not so fast. Don’t throw all your eggs into one basket! If your socials ...
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converting facebook customers
How to Convert Facebook Followers Into Customers
If you have a Facebook page for your business, you have all the tools to build a strong community. Regardless of whether you’re yet to hit 100 followers or nearing a total in the hundreds of thousands, these are the ...
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facebook ad types in 2017
Which Facebook Ad Types are Best For Your Business? (2017 Edition)
Facebook makes it super easy to signup and start advertising your business. But making the right marketing choices once you get started? Not so much. If you’re struggling to make the most of Facebook advertising for your business, don’t worry, ...
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Build Instagram Followers with These 11 Tips
Anyone can create ten tips to build Instagram followers, but we put together ELEVEN. Why? Because its one better than ten! Anyone remember this hilarious scene from movie This is Spinal Tap? Instagram is full of untapped potential for businesses. ...
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spice up online advertisements
Spice Up Your Online Advertising
Taking advantage of online advertising will allow your business to obtain quality website traffic.  Even better, you can PRECISELY target your audience. In other words, you can deliver your marketing messages to the right customers. Implementing digital advertisements correctly can help ...
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optimize twitter marketing
Optimize Twitter and All Your Dreams Will Come True!
I hope I got your attention Napoleoooon!  Twitter is still a great form of marketing, but you need to optimize Twitter campaigns to have any chance of success. 5 years ago, marketers could create a tweet about their products, services ...
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facebook marketing tips
6 Proven Ways for Your Business to Get More out of Facebook
Facebook has famously been written off by marketers and pundits more than a few times since its launch in 2004. The rumors, of course, don’t reflect the reality. Facebook marketing delivers your message to an ever-growing audience, and gives businesses ...
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social media marketing facebook twitter
Social Media Marketing Not Working? Try these Brilliant Tips!
Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms have become a crucial part of any business. That also means that there is a ton of competition for eyeballs. How can you set yourself apart? Check out these tips to up your Social Media ...
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