Copywriting Tips: How to Craft Copy that Sells
It’s late in the afternoon. You’re on your fourth cup of coffee for the day, praying the caffeine kick will create a surge in creativity. You’re not writing sonnets, you tell yourself. It’s just my whole mission statement summed up ...
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google analytics diagnostics event tracking marketing
Track Results in Google Analytics: Diagnostics for Online Marketing & Advertising
If there is one thing we see time and time again, its businesses that have a website but don't know how to measure results. Even more important, they aren’t using the tools they already have installed that help them figure ...
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social media vs. email
Marketing Showdown: Social Media vs. Email Marketing
It’s tempting to rely heavily on social media for all of your creative marketing in 2018 since its direct, simple, and everyone else seems to be doing it. Not so fast. Don’t throw all your eggs into one basket! If ...
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moving migrating from gmail to g suite
Moving from Gmail to G Suite
For anyone needing help moving or migrating from a gmail inbox to a new domain based g suite email including instructions for POP3, SMTP, Email Alias and Group email. So you changed the G Suite.  It was a smart move.  ...
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model customer survey form marketing
Crafting a Customer Avatar Using Model Customer Survey Form
Personally knowing your model customer or crafting a customer avatar is among the most critical steps in preparing to market your product or service. Business owners are quick to identify and describe their perfect customer. This exercise dives a little ...
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converting facebook customers
How to Convert Facebook Followers Into Customers
If you have a Facebook page for your business, you have all the tools to build a strong community. Regardless of whether you’re yet to hit 100 followers or nearing a total in the hundreds of thousands, these are the ...
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facebook ad types in 2017
Which Facebook Ad Types are Best For Your Business? (2017 Edition)
Facebook makes it super easy to signup and start advertising your business. But making the right marketing choices once you get started? Not so much. If you’re struggling to make the most of Facebook advertising for your business, don’t worry, ...
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online marketing business restaurants
Online Marketing Pains: Restaurant Edition
If I were running a restaurant (or several) there's one thing that I know for sure would be true.  The following words would immediately annoy me: Facebook - Mobile Strategy – Social Media They may even bring rise to the ...
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