Avoiding Online Marketing Mistakes

avoid online marketing mistakes

In days gone by, marketing took place in a very physical way. Ads were placed on billboards or handed out to potential customers. Today, we look at the world of marketing entirely differently because of the internet, search and social media. Online marketing has been on the rise ever since the first banner ads appeared awkwardly … Read more

Spice Up Your Online Advertising

spice up online advertisements

Taking advantage of online advertising will allow your business to obtain quality website traffic.  Even better, you can PRECISELY target your audience. In other words, you can deliver your marketing messages to the right customers. Implementing digital advertisements correctly can help you successfully grow your online presence and increase profits. However, it’s easy to run out … Read more

Content Marketing and Storytelling: Employing Old Story Elements to Make it Personal

storytelling content marketing

Content marketing continues to evolve in exciting ways, and there isn’t any better evolution to the process than using storytelling. With science showing us that classic story methods bring empathy, universal understanding, and emotional response, you can see why so many companies now turn to the concept. As customers become more scrutinizing about the companies … Read more

New Google Search Algorithm Will Change Your Mobile-Friendly Rating

google mobile rankings interstitial ads

  Surfing the web on a mobile device can be an ugly experience. While interstitial ads on a desktop browser are just annoying, interstitial ads on mobile device have the ability to close your browser and open an app install page in your phone or tablet’s app store. Instead of the displaying content normally, interstitial ads … Read more

Thoughts on the Recent Google Penguin 3.0 Update

penguin thoughts

Google has updated the Penguin algorithm recently.  The update started on October 17th and according to Google’s John Mueller the update is still slowly rolling out and has been for weeks.  Many search engine specialists wonder if they are testing,  refreshing data or simply delaying the real update.  Unfortunately, Google really isn’t transparent about updates. … Read more