Facebook Ad Optimization

Testing your ad copy, images, ad set targets and landing pages results in better relevance scores and improved performance with a lower cost per customer acquisition.

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Facebook Advertising Produces Results

With detailed targeting options, dynamic ads and retargeting technology, Facebook is often the largest ad budget for businesses.

It is a powerful advertising platform, but strategies are more complex than direct ads.  Power Editor allows for sophisticated ad creation but can be intimidating to users.  We help simplify the process, test, optimize and streamline your ad campaigns.

With a properly optimized Facebook ad campaign, the cost per customer acquisition is cheaper than any other form of advertising media. 

How We Improve Your Advertising Performance

Ad Copy

Professional, creative ad copy designed for acquisition.  Multiple variations are tested until we find winners.

Ad Set Targets

Test targets based on demographics, location, followers of competitors, retargeting and custom audiences.

Images & Video

Image type, quality, colors and relevance matter.  We figure out which media proves the best results.

Custom Audiences

Utilize Facebook pixel technology to develop audiences for custom ads and retargeting based on user behavior.

Market Research

We analyze your market, industry trends and competitors to ensure we have the most optimized targets.

Dynamic Ads

Upload your products and automatically promote them based on website visits, user interest and behavior.

Test Everything So You Know

We don't make guesses.  Ideas become creatives and the results are analyzed.  Variations of copy, media and targets are developed and run as a sequence.  Your business will run the most effective advertisements at the lowest cost.

You get 100% documented results.  Optimize for different campaigns objective to achieve a variety of business goals:

  • Like Campaigns to Grow Facebook Followers
  • Lead Generation to Increase Email Subscribers
  • Ad Campaigns to Improve Website Clicks
  • Retargeting Funnels for Direct Sales Ads
  • Dynamic Ads for Products


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