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Most companies are wasting money in Google Adwords by overbidding or using poor bid strategies. We fix broken campaigns and create new ones to ensure profitability.

Contact us to find out how to skyrocket your AdWords results. A 15-minute call could be worth thousands to your bottom line.

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Google Adwords Optimization

There are several reasons why PPC is a harder game than it was only a few years ago. We estimate that Google collects billions of dollars per year just from ad clicks on “stray” keyword sets that have nothing to do with the advertiser’s intent but weren’t properly excluded. A failing campaign might have NOTHING to do with the ads.

In late 2001 we were having a slow month so we decided to throw $20 at Google Adwords to see what we could do. Our thrown-together ad went live at 10:02am that morning and we were on the phone with our next client at 10:04am. We made the phone ring (almost) instantly. It’s not that simple any more.

Many companies aren't profitable and some business don't realize they are leaving a lot of meat on the bone by failing to utilize every opportunity the platform has to offer.

If you’re struggling to get good returns or think you can do better, contact us today.

25 Common Problems We Fix with Broken Adwords Campaigns

Improper use of broad, phrase and exact match keyword sets
Missing hundreds of keyword opportunities
Overbidding on broad match keywords
Overbidding on poor performing keywords
Underbidding high intent keywords
Using the wrong keyword bid strategy
Failing to test keyword bid strategies
Not carefully building and managing negative keyword lists
Failure to take advantage of high performance extensions
Local businesses not using google map ads
No understanding of ad match content strategy
Not using or testing dynamic search ads
Not optimizing for devices
Not using using professional copywriters
Not AB testing ads to increase CTR and conversion rates.
Inability to create necessary reports in Google Ad platform
Incorrect set up of Google Merchant & Google Shopping Ads
Bad landing pages with no call to action
Inability to create necessary reports in Google Ad platform
Inability to create necessary reports using Google Analytics
Not Using Goals in Ecommerce in Google Analytics
Don't’ know how to properly calculate customer value
Don’t know if ad are profitable and can’t calculate ROAS.
Not branding display ads correctly
No offer on display ads
Sourceline Media - A Digital Ad Agency

Traditional ad agencies are often good with billboards, television media and print.  Digital ads need to be finely tuned to work.  Big agencies tend to throw in some keywords and take their commission.  Their incentivized to overbid and over budget the campaign to increase their commission. We consistently see campaigns that were never properly managed.

Sourceline Media is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner with 18 years of experience in Online Marketing and Advertising Management.  We beta tested Adwords and Adsense as both an advertiser and high traffic publisher. We look at every details, test aggressively and optimize your campaign.  Start leveraging Google Adwords to grow your business.

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How Our Service Works & Our Guarantee

After reviewing your company,  industry and previous campaigns, we determine if there an opportunity to improve results. If its a good fit, then we move forward.  Most of the hard work takes place in the first 30 days.

Our fee is 50% of your monthly ad budget for the first month with a $400 minimum.  After the first month, our monthly maintenance is 17% of ad budget with a $100 minimum fee.  In most cases, clients with small budgets can self manage after we perform our optimization. (Note: Google Shopping Ads have different requirements and customized pricing).

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that we will increase conversions rates, decrease cost per conversion or increase return on ad spend (ROAS).  Our goal is to improve all three. If we do not, then we will continue to work on your campaign the next month at no cost.


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