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Repurpose: Squeeze More Value Out of your Content

A lot of businesses make one crucial mistake with their social media: They create a piece of content then post the same content to every social channel at the same time.

With so many other tasks to juggle, posting content too often becomes a time consuming annoyance. It’s easier to just create the content, post it everywhere and be done with it. The content gets buried in your blog never to be seen from again.

Guess what? You can do something about it! And won’t take too much of your precious time. Here’s a few easy ways to squeeze more out of your content and produce great results.

Repurpose Your Best Content for Different Platforms

People are attracted to different social sites for different reasons. There are some obvious examples: YouTube is highly visual and appeals to video lovers; Instagram and Pinterest are also all about drawing the eye, but with images. Meanwhile, Twitter is primarily text-based, but the characters are limited, so you have to be sharp, witty, and focused.

Every now and then you will come with something great, something viral that gets a good reaction. Most social media analytics programs can show you which content gets most views, retweets, post likes, comments, etc. Take advantage of this content and put it into different formats so you can capture a different set of followers from each channel.

Let’s say you create a killer video that really captures the attention of existing and potential clients.

Imagine you’re an interior designer who has created a short film illustrating the five best ways to arrange your living room furniture to encourage mingling and conversation during a party. The video is getting lots of hits and comments, and you’re pleased with how well it’s doing. Don’t let that spark go to waste.

Post an image of each furniture arrangement with a snappy caption on Pinterest. Share one of your ideas on Facebook and ask people to comment with their own favorite arrangements. Leverage each platform’s strengths to engage your audience.

Reach Different People on Different Social Platforms

You can take a video and transcribe it to text to create an article post. Of course, you can take articles and record yourself reading the text. This can be turned into video and/or audio. Videos can be uploaded to sites like YouTube. You can can also create a podcast for iTunes. If you have an existing podcast then record your blog articles and add them to the podcast. Jon Loomer does this with great success. Audio can also be uploaded to sites like SoundCloud.

audio post to soundcloud

On Pinterest, it can help get clicks to your article if you put the title or compelling text on your featured image. I will often modify featured images of blog posts to include text in the image. A lot of times, I’ll do this anyway as you can see from my previous blog posts. However, if you want to promote the post on Facebook, you have to limit your text to 20% of the image.  That’s the main reason I don’t always put text on featured images.  Here’s how I might take the featured image from this post and just add some text to get a better response on pinterest.

repurpose pinterest image

We manage other sites and its not uncommon to run out of content. I’ll go back and look at old articles and turn them into videos or pinterest images. Here’s an example of a good article on that had a nice response on Facebook.  We took an image, lengthened it, blended in a solid background and then provided a summary of the tips from the article.  We posted the image on pinterest and link back to the original article.

Image optimized for pinterest

We are all busy and we just can’t repurpose every piece of content.  I recommend focusing on content that gets the most engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube and start there. You can either review your social media analytics tools (HootSuite, Buffer, etc.) or just go to Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Analytics or Pinterest Analytics to find your best content.

I hope some of these ideas help you improve your social media marketing efforts!



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