Spice Up Your Online Advertising

Taking advantage of online advertising will allow your business to obtain quality website traffic.  Even better, you can PRECISELY target your audience. In other words, you can deliver your marketing messages to the right customers.

Implementing digital advertisements correctly can help you successfully grow your online presence and increase profits. However, it’s easy to run out of ideas. In order to get that attention, you need to makes sure you are trying something new.

Here are a few ideas to add some flavor to your online advertising campaigns.

Pepper Your Ad with More Calls to Action

A strong call to action on your website is a MUST, but you can also include a call to action inside your ad.

“Join our Gym today and the first month is FREE!”

First off, people won’t click on it unless they have some level of interest in joining the gym.  This saves cost per click even if engagement is lower than other ads.  Secondly, they clearly know what to expect when they get to the landing page.

Needs More Salt? Implement Re-Targeting

Let’s take that example from above.  On Facebook, you can set up a tracking pixel to target people that actually went to your landing page to join the gym but DIDN’T sign up.  You can specifically send those people another advertisement.  Use something like this.

“You want to get in shape, but just can’t find the motivation?  Here’s how we can help?”

This would be a perfect way to introduce a free 30 minute training session.

People want to workout but maybe don’t know how to exercise and this would be that extra dash of salt to add enough flavor to get them to join?

Season it by Adding Simple Promotions 

You can add a $5.00 promotion to  Facebook Ads, Twitter Posts or even Google Adwords.

Even if you don’t include this information on the advertisements, you can use it as a kicker to seal the deal.  “This is our offer, but act now and get $5 off!”

Native Spices.. Geo targeting for local Services

If you are marketing to a local area, you can geo-target on almost every online advertising platform, but it also helps to take the next step.  Include geo-specific keywords on your website or landing page.  Make sure they know where you are located and what areas you service.

Have a phone number, email address, contact form or contact link on every page. If you have a retail store, include your physical address and business hours.

Videos ads are like Cayenne

If you want to add some heat your online campaigns add video.  You can run video ads on Facebook. That’s a great place to start.

And it doesn’t just have to be the advertisement. Videos work great for a landing page on your website. You can ad them with software or simply embed a YouTube video.

You may want to include a transcript or text summary below the video. (for those of us that don’t want to get caught watching videos at work).

Interesting Images… Because everything could use a bit of Garlic

Almost every recipe is a bit better with a dash of garlic.  In the same way almost every advertisement is a bit better with a good image.

Intriguing graphics lead to more online interaction.  Consider hiring a graphic designer to create interesting and attractive imagery.

Ever Use Nutmeg? Try a Digital Press Release

A new product, new service  or business announcement is perfect for Digital Press Release.

Pitch your product or service to various media related websites. We’ve used PRWeb with a lot of success but there are other sites with similar services and various price ranges.

Unique Promotions are liked Smoked Paprika

Go out on a limb and try something completely off the wall.

Develop a unique promotion that people will enjoy. It can help drive massive publicity for your business.

Check out this post to stimulate your creativity.

Getting Started with the Perfect Blend of Online Ads

I started making ribs when I was in college. It was like eating a rubber tire.  Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of rubs, smoking techniques and sauces. I’ve got a damn good recipe right now but I have to mix it up to keep my wife and kids happy.

Online ads are the same way.  You just start with some good ideas. Then mix it up. Test, test, test.  Yes, you may endure some crappy campaigns at first.  And then you’ll find some that work.  Until the competition comes in or your audience sees the same ole stuff.

That’s when you mix in some new spice and see your ROI jump!

This is an amazing time to be a business.  Its never been easier to reach the perfect audience.  If you aren’t taking advantage now, you’re missing out.  If you need help running online ads or just adding some spice to your ads, then give us a shout.

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