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Growing Your Business with Social Media

Social Media started out with a few social network sites, MySpace and eventually a very text based Twitter.  In the past 10 years, social media has grown into an advanced network of sites that enable people to receive news instantaneously and stay in touch with their own communities.  Businesses started to realize that they can also benefit from building communities and using this as a source of new business.

In the past year,  I’ve ready about web sites with low volumes of traffic start to become active on sites like Pinterest and before long this network alone was providing enough traffic to allow a hobbyist to quit their job.  The power of social media is incredible.  These days, it’s an absolute must to build exposure on Facebook and Twitter.  If you do anything that is remotely creative, then Pinterest is also a must.  Even smaller social media sites are fairly easy to grow and though they may not produce traffic like the majors, they can produce enough new visitors to be worth spending a small amount of time each day.

The Journey of a Thousand Followers Begins With A Single Reach Out

In the land of social media and web marketing the same holds true for your business marketing as what did 10 years ago.  Kind of.  Instead of reaching out to mass numbers of groups of people at once, now you’re after mass numbers of individual people all at once.  Conventional marketing is overcooked, commercials are too frequent, and hidden pitches are embedded in our favorite outlets.  People rely on the opinions of other people.  Individuals in their own community.   Popularity among people they trust = winner.

As an example, I follow some people in the search marketing world that really dont’ have all that many followers. However, just from reading their articles, watching their tweets and even following their blog comments, I’ve come to find that I TRUST their opinion. When they suggest a new tool. I listen.  When they offer opinions on new techniques. I listen.  Social media has allowed us to become experts with a voice and puts us in a community that we can learn from almost instantly.  All it takes is for you to participate!

When you’re ready to connect with people here is the simple formula:

Follow and friend other people like yourself.  Follow and friend potential speakers for you and/or your business.   Follow people that write blogs in your niche.  These are people that you expect will like what you do, like what you have to say, and need what you’re offering.  The best ones are the people that share and re-tweet a lot but are not boring, fake or talk too much. 

Start by following 1,000 people one by one.  Then make it 1,500 people.   Follow people that follow you.  Be active in your network, but not over-active.   Once you reach your goal of 1,000 followers you can begin to weed out the most obnoxious people you’re following and get rid of them.  If you give an honest effort your follower numbers will increase naturally from there. 

Honestly, that’s it.   This can be done in a matter of weeks, but can build tremendously fast if you are active every business day for several months. 

Of course, there are many other tips and tricks to picking up followers and learning how to automate tasks, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you need some help.

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